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We are a boutique restaurant offering specialty coffee and a variety of delicious dishes and desserts. All our products are fresh and unique. We are green, we care for the environment and we work hard on the selection of sustainable equipment and materials.


Serving you the highest grade of coffee beans with the best flavor.

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The quality of the products we work with is an essential element of our cuisine. This is why we are particularly observant of the choice of products, their quality, and their origin. The desserts you will enjoy will always be of impeccable quality and absolute freshness. Concerning the products, no concessions allowed, only quality matters.

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“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out ”

Fahad Islam


Meet our People

The foundation for a top-notch dining experience is a top-notch staff that is highly engaged and committed to delivering that experience. This operational mindset makes every single TEN11 staff member feel valued and even more invested in delivering great customer experience.

Our employees master the art of service ensuring customers return, as well as recommend our services to friends and families. TEN’11’s customers are loyal to our brand because they want to enjoy dining in a pleasant atmosphere. Proper customer service, therefore, is one of our core values because it’s one of the key factors of customer satisfaction. Our customers retain fond memories of our establishment and that’s the main reason why they repeat visits.

* By ordering take away food and/or beverages items from TEN11 Coffee Boutique by yourself or your representative you acknowledge that the items must be consumed within 12 hours from the time that you take receipt of it.

* The takeaway food must be refrigerated at a temperature of 4 Degrees Celsius or lower, within 2 hours from the time of receipt. When re-heating the food for human consumption, it must have a core temperature of 75 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds and should be consumed within 2 days from date of purchase.

* Kindly note that as per Terms of Service, per TEN11 Coffee Boutique will not be responsible for any liabilities arising out of the consumption of the fore mentioned food items by you and/or any person(s).

* As such, by making a purchase at the shop or online, you are confirming your acknowledgement of our Terms of Service, you and/or any such person(s) release TEN11 Coffee Boutique from any liabilities arising from the consumption of the fore mentioned food and/or beverages items


We’d love to hear from you! Whether you have a question about our products, catering, branches, if you would like to work with us, or you just want to say hey, our team is ready to answer any inquiries. Just select the topic.

Placing catering orders or making inquiries:
Call: 600 533 339 Extension 111

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