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Who We Are

The Stories of Us

We are a boutique restaurant offering specialty coffee and a variety of delicious dishes and desserts. All our products are fresh and unique. We are green, we care for the environment and we work hard on the selection of sustainable equipment and materials.



At TEN 11, our mission is to provide our valued customers with the highest quality products while minimizing our environmental footprint. We actively encourage our patrons to enjoy our to-go beverages in our eco-friendly thermos containers instead of disposable packaging. Our unwavering commitment is to eliminate plastic materials from our operations and adopt biodegradable, recyclable, or non- disposable alternatives. By choosing TEN11, you’re not only choosing exceptional dining but also a company deeply dedicated to preserving our planet.



Our vision is to be the leading innovator in the restaurant industry, setting new standards of excellence while creating a positive impact on the world. We aspire to be known for providing outstanding dining experiences, contributing to environmental sustainability, and fostering a strong sense of community in every location we serve.


Core Values

At TEN 11, our core values unite us in our shared mission of creating cherished memories for both our guests and ourselves, raising the bar for industry standards and expectations, and cultivating a secure and exemplary work environment. To achieve these aspirations, we dedicate ourselves to working tirelessly and fearlessly, guided by the principles of modesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, and unwavering consistency. These values are not just words; they are the very essence of who we are.