Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Crafting Visual Excellence in the World of Food and Beverages.


A Snapshot of the Role:

As we venture further into our culinary odyssey, we’re in search of a Graphic Designer who shares our zest for excellence. Your role will be pivotal in translating our culinary artistry into captivating visuals. We’re looking for an individual who can infuse innovation, originality, and precision into every design, be it for digital or print platforms.

You’ll be part of a vibrant team that thrives on pushing creative boundaries, and your designs will be a driving force behind our brand’s visual identity. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, you’ll elevate our marketing endeavors and contribute to the visual storytelling that defines our uniqueness.


  • ●  Develop visually compelling designs for both digital and print mediums.
  • ●  Create graphics that resonate with our brand’s essence and culinary offerings.
  • ●  Collaborate with the marketing team to execute campaigns effectively.
  • ●  Craft illustrations and graphics that elevate our storytelling.
  • ●  Utilize your expertise to enhance our online and offline presence.
  • ●  Ensure all designs are aligned with our F&B identity and values.
  • ●  Stay updated with design trends to provide fresh perspectives.


  • ●  A minimum of 2 years of proven experience in graphic design.
  • ●  Proficiency in both digital and print graphic design.
  • ●  Illustration skills are a plus, enhancing the visual narrative.
  • ●  Background in the food and beverage industry is advantageous.
  • ●  Creativity and attention to detail that make your designs stand out.
  • ●  Strong communication skills for collaborating with various teams.
  • ●  A portfolio showcasing your diverse design skills and F&B projects.

You’re the kind of person who:

  • ●  Values the essence of our brand and its impact.
  • ●  Is ignited by the exhilarating growth journey our brand embarks upon.
  • ●  Embraces challenges, constantly reimagining ways to elevate outcomes and achievements.
  • ●  Boasts an innate sense of style and holds a profound interest in the world of food and beverage.
  • ●  Excels in data-driven decision-making, using insights to steer your creative direction.
  • ●  Cherishes and comprehends the significance of brand identity and the customer experience.We invite you to join us on this exciting culinary adventure where your creativity will help define our visual identity and contribute to our continued success. If you are passionate about design, F&B, and innovation, we look forward to receiving your application.


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